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Your Landscape Makeover

A breathtaking yard starts with a solid plan. Many people are distracted with the details and fail to see the big picture. Gardeners think about their collection of plants and their beauties often just look like unorganized mess to others. Entertainers think about the patio and outdoor kitchen. These can be expensive and once they have spent their full budget their space still looks unfinished. …And pool lovers. They plop an expensive permanent structure in the middle of their yard without consideration of how they are going to live around it. Regardless of your goals or budget it is best to start with a solid design

Good design is a deliberate thinking process. We ask questions about function, circulation, and habits. Excellent design considers your everyday uses and your exceptional circumstances. And don’t forget lifestyle! Once we have an idea of how the space will function, we can then determine the details of appearance and how each space is visually defined. Finally we hone the project with color, texture, and light by choosing materials and plants.

If your space is small, it may be doubly important to think about your landscape in these terms. By identifying intended uses, many features can be designed to have multiple functions and spatial efficiencies that a piecemeal approach would not allow.

To begin our design process, we use a tool called an RGB. It is drawing and notes we create in red, green, and blue. We take notes in these three colors to help guide us going forward. Red is used to define desired constructed features such as stairs, walls, and firepits. The color blue represents flat surfaces such as paving and walkways. Planting and softscape, of course, are defined using green. This helps us easily identify preferences and challenges. Solutions for privacy, circulation, and function are generated at this stage.

After a few overlay sketches, a design comes into being. The end product is a hardline drawing with clearly defined areas for plantings and hardscape (pavers and walls). Only after the end picture has been created do we start to think about budget and installation.

Budget Should NOT Dictate Design Only Phasing
A common problem in our ‘Get It Now’ world, is that we only plan for what we can afford today. Many yards look like a series of disparate projects that don’t tie together. Because they don’t! With few exceptions, landscape projects are intended to be used for many years to come. Having a design that addresses all the goals is the starting point for phasing. If you start with a solid design your space will always seem well put together no matter which elements are completed. or not.

Small or large, all at once or one small project at a time. We strive to create comprehensive designs with phasing plans so that, as your budget allows, your landscape may continue to improve with the refined look only an intentional plan can deliver!

It’s time to take a look in your back yard and start dreaming. If you need help bringing you dream to life give scott flanagan landscape a call!

Article written by: Doug Lemley Landscape designer Horticulturist