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Get your dream yard with out a fantasy budget
If the price tag on your dream yard and you budget are not equal that is OK. What is not OK is over spending to get everything you want right NOW. Making an informed decision on what to install this year and making the right changes at the right time is the best way to get what you want in the end.
Over the past 20 years i have experienced a lot changed. I started out cutting lawns with my dads craftsman mower. When my client base expanded I purchased commercial mower. I used the money I made with that mower to buy a truck and hire some employees. My business eventually afforded me the opportunity to get a college degree. My education and experience have allowed me to grow my business exponentially.
At eleven years old I had a vision of the company I wanted to run but it took me 20 years to get there. If your vision of your dream yard is out of your reach I would like to help you make it a reality. If budget is the only thing holding you back do not give up on your dreams.
If I tried back in 1995 to operate the business I have in 2015 I would have failed. I had to build a client base and learn my craft. Now my job is fun, easy, and secure because I made the right choices at the right time.
If you just moved into a new home now is likely not the right time to choose to spend what your dream yard cost. The best first step is to make a plan. As a landscape designer my job is to listen to your dreams and translate them into a format that we can share.
Your job as a consumer is to decide how much you want to spend this year and in following years so that we can work together to make the right choices at the right time.
Below is a collection of designs I created for a chapter one of my books. The chapter explains how to phase out projects while keeping: structure, aesthetics, function, and budget in mind. The following $18K design comes together in 5 years and on average would cost less that the average Orland Park residence tax return in most years.
If you have a project in mind and you want help planning it out give someone at our landscape company a call to schedule a time for me to come out to help get you on the road to your dream yard!

basic first patio with trees

expanding a brick patio

adding a built in grill to a brick patio

turning a basic patio into an outdoor living room

putting the finishing touches on an outdoor living room

Written and Illustration By: Scott Flanagan

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