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If you have a project in mind that is with in the parameters for were your property is located and you would like to schedule an appointment please TEXT your name, address, and a brief description of the project you are looking to discuss, to: 708-415-2688 and we will schedule a time for a designer to come out and meet with you.

-------------------------------------------------- Project Minimums are to cover the cost of the work we do in house: Plantings, Pavers, Drain Tile, Paver Repair, Mulch, and Shrub Trimming Project Minimums do not include subcontracted items such as: Pavilions, Pools, and Pergolas --------------------------------------------------

Info for your first appointment:

Your First Appointment
Thank you for your interest in scott flanagan landscape inc. Scott Flanagan or his associate designer Doug Lemley are scheduled to come out to your house soon. Scott is the owner and lead designer and has been in business since 1995. Doug is his associate designer and they both have degrees in horticulture. If you have any questions or need to make any changes to your appointment feel free to text   708-506-0540   or   Email our receptionist.

If your appointment is for paver repair or drain tile Scott or Doug will be able to measure and estimate your project on their first visit and you will not need to prepare anything before your appointment. We aslo do not need a copy of your plat of survey to move forward with a drain tile or paver repair project because neither of those services require a permit from the village.

If your appointment is for custom landscape design and installation there is a bit more to know so please continue reading.

Before we come out please make 3 photo copies of your plat of survey. We need you to have 3 photocopies of your plat of survey in its original size and format at the time of your first appointment.

When working with Scott and Doug you can expect the following: Your first consultation is complimentary. At the first consultation they will use the first copy (of 3) of your plat of survey to take notes on while you walk the property. They will ask questions about what you would like to accomplish and point out what they see and advise you on what could be accomplished and how we could go about it. They will certainly have a vision for what could be done in order to bring out the full potential on your site and the more you talk about your preferences and desires the better they will be able to fine tune their vision to fit your desires.

Below is an example of the type of notes they will take on the first copy of your plat of survey.

Once the site walk through is complete the meeting will continue at a table inside to discuss the scope of the project. You will be given an opportunity to browse our portfolio and discuss your likes and preferences with your designer. Your designer will start to sketch the rough ideas of their vision onto the 2nd copy (of 3) of your plat of survey. (see below)

Your designer could give you a ball park estimate on the services you have discussed and they have outlined on your plat (see above). The estimate created at your first appointment is a ball park figure to give you an idea of the scope of your project. The ball park figure and loose sketch provided on your first appointment are intended to get a better idea of how to move forward together while keeping your best interest in mind.

At this point you will have the opportunity to move forward with an installation based on the loose design and estimate or proceed forward with a more formal design.

If you decide to move forward with a more formal design Scott & Doug will meet, review their notes and sketches on that are on the first (2) copies of your plat of survey and They will scan the 3rd copy (of 3 copies) of your plat of survey into our system and get started on your design

We do charge an hourly rate for all design work we generate in our office. You will have many options, Scott or Doug will price them all out and you will have the ability to choose the exact design product that is right for you, your project, and your budget.

The second appointment to present your design is complimentary. They will come out to your site, present your design to you and answer any questions you may have.

Please do not forget to have 3 photo copies of your plat of survey in its original size and format. We look forward to working with you and appreciate your interest in working with scott flanagan landscape inc.

If you have questions for your designer feel free to send them a text and they will get back to you via text. Keep in mind because Scott and Doug spend most of their time on appointments and managing production on their job sites they are unavailable to talk on the phone but they are both very good at getting back to clients via text.

      Scott 708-460-5884      

      Doug 708-802-4400      

Below are some examples of design products we offer.

Again thank you for choosing scott flanagan landcscape!

      Call: 708-506-0540      
      Text: 708-506-0540   

Below is an example of an RGB design like the one that will be created on your first appointment. Paved surfaces are drawn in blue, constructed surfaces (retaining walls, steps, water features) in red, planted areas and turf are indicated in green.

Rgb Design

hand drawn fully rendered design in plan view

hand drawn elevation