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Fall is For Planting!
Fall is For Planting!
You may think spring is the best time to plant but at scott flanagan landscape,
our preferred time for planting is in the fall, especially when it comes to
trees and shrubs.

Spring is a great time to plant, especially slow to establish plants, but there
are a few drawbacks. Winter thaw and heavy spring rains often make the ground
soggy. Working in water saturated landscapes compacts our heavy clay soil
which spells disaster for plants. Once the plants are in the ground, the
spring rain and cooler temperatures are great. But as anyone who has lived
in Illinois for more than year will know, no two springs are alike. Sometimes
they end abruptly and hot scorching weather is here sooner than anyone expected.
A new transplant in sudden hot weather will likely go dormant and is more
difficult to keep alive until it is established.

Planting in the fall takes advantage of cooler temperatures and more precipitation
than summer. There is also an added advantage: the soil temperatures are much
warmer than in the spring after winter. This warmth encourages the plant to put
its energies into root development which means stronger plants come spring.
Transplant stress is greatly reduced because the plant has a better established
root system to access water to support the new above ground growth in spring.

While fall provides favorable conditions for planting, the plants will still need
some TLC during the establishment phase. For trees this can be up to 3 years and
perennials usually one season. Mulch is very highly recommended
we really consider it a requirement for optimal health. Providing regular water
as needed, until the ground freezes, is another key to success.


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