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The Drain That Beautified A Yard
Orland Park resident Jim was in a love it or list it situation. Knowing he would have to make improvements on the home to sell it he decided rather than spending money to make his home of 25 years just right for someone else he would stay and make improvements for himself. Having visited the home to interview Jim, I can say first hand that everything he did on the inside was top notch.
Once Jim had the inside how he wanted it he decided to start working on the outside. First on his list was a new patio but before doing that he would have to fix his drainage issues. Jim called scott flanagan landscape to fix his drainage issues. After speaking with Scott he was inspired to see what a custom landscape design for his back yard would look like.
Scott asked Jim a series of questions and returned home to think about how the site should be organised in order to give Jim everything he wanted. The design Scott created included everything Jim asked for:
A brick paver patio with: a built in grill, seat walls, and some backyard entertaining space
A belgard arbel brick paver walk way leading to the patio from one gate and a flagstone walkway set in a steppable groundcover leading to the other gate.
A neater cleaner play and storage area
Ornamental plantings throughout and an organised gardening space
....and of course an appropriate drainage solution

Jim was so pleased he hired scott flanagan landscape again 2 years later to make over his front yard.
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