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Small Yard Big Landscape
After six years of enjoying the front landscape scott flanagan landscape installed, Vicky was ready to have them work their magic one more time. She was now expecting her second daughter and she wanted to transform the backyard that was mostly lawn into a highly functional space for entertaining and play dates with friends.
Vicky was a bit more particular with what she wanted to do in her backyard. She made a list of everything she wanted to accomplish: Beautiful plantings with year round interest, a lawn area for the kids to play, an outdoor kitchen with a built in grill, a dining area, and an outdoor livingroom. She knew her list was bigger than her backyard and she asked Scott to do his best in creating a landscape design.
Once again Scott exceeded her expectations. Vicky was amazed with how well Scott organised the site and with all of the material choices. Scott recycled some wood timbers that were already on site and added natural limestone accents all around brick patio made out of Belgard arbel pavers. This chicago landscape makes good use of the space and allows for all sorts of entertaining.
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