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New Beginnings with New Landscaping in New Lenox
Sarah and James wanted to raise their son in a better place than they were currently living. The decided to buy a beautiful home in the suburb of New Lenox. They wanted their new home to have the suburban charm they sought out so they called New Lenox landscape designer Scott Flanagan. He met with them and drew a design that they could build out in phases as funds came available.
They were pleasantly surprised that Scott also owned and operated a landscape company in New Lenox, so, in addition to hiring Scott as their landscape designer they also used him as their landscape contractor.
They are happy with their landscaping and you will be too if you call scott flanagan landscape.
Lanscaper New Lenox

Landscape Peninsula

Rudibeckia Hurta Goldstrum

Landscape Contractor New Lenox

Beautiful Landscaped Home New Lenox

Beautifully Landscaped Entry Way

Front Landscaping

Back Yard Landscaping

Burm New Lenox

Privacy Landscaping

New Lenox Landscaping

Autumn Joy Sedum

Black Eye Susan

Old court shasta daisy

Perennial Planting New Lenox

New Lenox Landscape

New Lenox Landscaping

Old Court Shasta Daisy

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