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Granite Patio - Triangle Fire Pit - Orland Park
Mr. and Mrs. Ridge love the earth and dislike waste. Mr. Ridge had a friend in the granite counter business and it broke his heart to see all the beautiful natural material that goes to waste each year. He and his wife had the great idea to hire a landscaper to build a patio out of scrap granite. Unfortunately they hired the wrong contractor and the patio they ended up with was not quite what they had in mind.
They called Scott thinking someone with a degree in landscape design and years of experience as a landscape contractor might have some better ideas and more ability to work with this material. Scott visited the Ridges, listened to what their ideas and desires:
an XL outdoor kitchen
multiple level brick patio
Triangular fire pit
to repurpose the granite (which Scott proposed the idea of using it in the soldier course)

Scott presented a model of the proposed project and with the Ridges blessing Scott moved forward with the installation.The landscape project turned out great in the end to include the oversized outdoor kitchen, triangular fireplace, and granite border all of which Scott was a bit apprehensive about in the beginning but he enjoyed the creative challenges and enjoyed seeing the excitement in the Ridges eyes as the elements of their outdoor room were assembled.
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