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The Design That Made The Difference
Home owners Mr. and Mrs. Rockwell wanted a pool in their backyard, however; all of the pool contractors they called could not get approval from the village to install a pool because of a drainage easement. The Rockwells were about to give up when a friend told them about the amazing designs her landscape contractor created for her.
The Rockwells decided to take their friends advice and give Scott a call. Scott engineered a series of retaining walls that allowed them to install their swimming pool 3 feet below grade on the east side which allowed the site to handle water in the same capacity as before even though they were installing an inground pool on top of a drainage easement.
Once the design was approved by the village the Rockwells hired Scott to manage the entire project. Scott hired an outside pool contractor he had worked with on past projects and used his own employees to install all of the structural walls. They went with UNILOCKs PISA2 structural wall with an advanced drainage system and a geo grid to give the wall extra stability. Scott personally handpicked 12 extra large pieces of outcropping and hand chiseled each one to make the 12 steps that lead from the residence down to the pool.
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