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Landscape Designs Presented by: scott flanagan landscape

The purpose of a landscape design is to help you understand exactly what your home will look like after we install your landscape project. Depending on the scope of your project you may desire to commission an extensive amount of design work or verry little.

Clients that have see the quality of our work on other sites often require less involved landscape designs because they already know they want us to be their landscape contractor.

We offer a wide array of landscape design options to meet everyone's specific needs and budget. Below are some design examples we pulled from our archives to demonstrate the type of designs we provide our clients. Prices range from $0.00 (FREE) - $10,000+ depending on the complexity of the design, scope of the project, and our level of involvement.

Above is a conceptual elevation drawing that was created to give the client a better idea of what their project would look like once completed.
below are three different angles of 3D model that was created to give a client a better idea of what their multiple level brick paver patio with retaining walls, seat walls, staircases and an outdoor fireplace
Brick Paver Stair Case Design

Multi Level Patio Design

Raised Patio Design

Patio for a big party

Plant Growth Model

above are two quick plan view drawings that were provided along with the 3D model above. The first drawing was used to help the client understand how large the space would be. The second drawing was used to show planting design and projected plant growth.
Landscape Design

above are the notes that were presented along with the design below to give the client a better idea of the functional uses to the aesthetically pleasing landscape design below
Radial Design

Custom Brick Driveway

Unilock Brick Driveway Landscape Design

Above are three landscape designs that were used to propose full site landscape installation projects where we installed the landscaping for the following: brick paver driveway, front yard planting, backyard planting, full site grading and drainage, new sod installation and mulch.
Below are two landscape elevation drawings that accompanied the plan view drawing above
Complicated Landscape

Front Yard Landscape Elevation

above is an inexpensive conceptual drawing used to show our client what their project would look like upon completion
Landscape Design

above is a still frame from a 3D model created for a client that hired us to install a large holland stone brick patio, with custom granite banding, an outdoor kitchen, pillars, natural stone staircases, seat walls, and a triangular firepit
Multi Phase Design

Multi Phase Landscape Design

Multi Phase Landscape Design Orland Mokena Frankfort

The three drawings above were created to help our client see how they could budget a large scale landscape design project in budget friendly phases.

Below are 5 other concepts that were presented to the same client before she chose to install the above landscape design and phasing plan.
Marker Drawing Landscape Design

Hand Drawn Landscape Designer

Basic Landscape - Landscape 101

Landscape Design Orland Park Mokena Frankfort

Detailed Planting Landscape

there is a direct correlation between the amount of time a landscape designer spends drafting a design and the quality of the ideas they generate. Below is the design for an esthetically pleasing zero scaped dry creek bed we installed to handle a drainage problem on one of our clients sites.
Landscape Design Illinois Orland Park

Below are notes created by Scott while conceptualizing the design that follows
Parking Design

Approved Landscape

Project Management

below are a few still images of a 3D landscape model created as supplements to the landscape design above
Project Planning Landscape

Sketch up landscape design

3d landscape design

Sunken Patio Design

The prices we quote to produce landscape designs for our clients are directly related to the amount of time we spend generating the design. Our landscape designers, project managers and landscape installation technicians are not only highly qualified and work so well together that they do not need much of a drawing to in order to work together to create a masterpiece for our clients.

Above is an example of a landscape design used to provide a very clear picture to our client of exactly what their landscape project would look like upon completion. This 3D model took a lot of time to create and we charged accordingly.

Below are a few landscape designs we used to present our ideas to clients that wanted free landscape design
Angular Brick Patio

Free Landscape Concept

Free Landscape Ideas

Free Brick Walkway Design

Free Landscape Drawing Design

Commercial Landscaping

Contemporary Brick Patio

Landscape Design Notes

Free Brick Patio Concept - Landscape Design

Free Landscape Design

Free Landscape Designer

Free Landscape Elevation

French Greys Landscape Design

Landscape Design Handicap Entry

Handicap Entry Design

Landscape Concepts

Landscape Contractor

Landscape Contractor Designer

Quick Landscape Design

Quick Planin Design

Square Fire Pit

Top Free Landscape Design

Topographical Survey Landscape Design

Design Notes Landscape Architect

The client we drew the above landscape sketch for eventually decided to pay to have us create the design below before we installed the landscape project.
Landscape Concept Design

below are some more examples of in expensive designs
Quick Design Landscaper

Color Pencil Design Landscaper

Color Pencil Design Landscape

Dominic Landscape Design

Front Elevation

Landscape Design

Plant Design Landscape Architect

Prarie Ridge Design

Prarie Ridge Elevation

below is a sensory garden and a childrens garden landscape design we donated to the special ed department of a title one middle school
Courtyard Design

City Lot Landscape Design

above and below are two landscape concepts that were presented to the same client in order to demonstrate a few different academic landscape design departures we could use on their site
City Lot Landscape Installation

CPU Landscape Design

We have a digital library of landscape designs we have created in the past. We are able to superimpose these designs in front of pictures of our clients homes in less than one minute. This is one example of a free landscape design option we offer to our clients. see above

Below are more landscape designs from our collection of work:
Planting Design

Elevation Drawing

Full Property Landscape

Plan With Elevation

Landscape Picture

Landscape Elevation

Landscape Detail

Out Cropping

Final Plan

Out Cropping Limestone

Malonie Design

Outcropping Wall

Perennial Planting

Front Yard Landscape Drawing

Landscape Project Management


Residential Landscape Design

Fully Planted Back Yard

Planting Design

Sketch Up Design

Diagonal Landscaping

Small Pergola

Patio with Small Pergola

Landscape Work

Landscape Elevation Design

Small Home Landscape Design

Dry Creek Bed

Detail Drawing

Landscape Design Sitting Area

Full Design

large Landscape Design

New Landscape Design

Planting Design

Marker Design

Notes Landscape Design

Notes Landscape Design

Side Yard Planting

Simple Elevation

Simple Plan

In addition to over a decade of experience, Scott Flanagan has a bachelors of Horticulture with a concentration in Landscape Architecture from the University of Illinois. A scott flanagan landscape design is one that will impress you at first glimpse and keep you satisfied for years to come. If you are looking to have a landscape architect or landscape designer to create a custom landscape design for your landscape project call scott flanagan landscape today! They will add curb appeal to your front landscape, and inject creativity into your brick patio.

to see more designs work by Scott check out the sfl landscape design archive
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